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North Carolina State University is the largest university in the state, with nearly 2,300 teaching, research, and extension faculty and annual research expenditures that exceed $400 million. With more than 100 startups and 400 commercialized products, NC State brings real-world solutions to the marketplace. The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) plays a crucial role in this mission by protecting and promoting University research discoveries and intellectual property, working with and guiding industry partners, and promoting the acceleration of startups.

Each year hundreds of new discoveries will need commercialization partners. This website serves to assist you for discovering, sharing, and licensing the technology you are looking for.

Browse through these technologies by category or search using key words or phrases. Each individual technology page includes a detailed description of the invention, contact information for the licensing associate managing that technology, and other available information. You can download a PDF to print, or share the technology electronically.